You first might ask yourself. “who is Julius and why is he here?” Julius is a close friend that came to live with our family in the Spring of 2012. Two of Sarah’s brothers picked up Julius as an orphan living in an Atlanta McDonald’s, but a little known fact is his name was not originally Julius. Sarah’s brothers, not being too much into girl’s fashion, initially named him and sent the family a picture of their newly named brother.  Sarah quickly quipped back clarifying that “his name is Julius!” Well, after an internet search Sarah was proven correct (as usual) and Julius it was!

Over the next several weeks, that turned into months, that turned into years, the siblings would taunt one another with Julius, take unknowing candid pictures with Julius somewhere hiding in plain sight, took him on flying adventures, scuba diving in the Gulf, to work in various states across the country, among many other obscure and sometimes semi-nefarious trips.

After we lost our beloved Sarah in 2020, one of the things we revisited as a faimly was Sarah’s mischevious humor and our fun times leveraging Julius in jokes and pranks against one another and the many adventures Julius went on.  We have reclaimed a few of the original pictures of Julius and his early life with us that we share here.  In memory of Sarah and keeping the tradition alive, our family and close friends see to it that Julius continues his adventures.

So now you know who Julius is and why he is here…but where he is going to show up next is anyone’s guess!

These adventures are for you, Sarah!

The Salty Julius

Julius made it over to South Beach @ Hilton Head and had him a cold drink at The Salty Dog.

Savannah GA

Julius made a stop over to Savannah this afternoon.

Big Julius and Little Julius

Little Julius went to the beach today and helped Stewart and Jeremy make Big Julius!

God Bless America

Julius says God Bless America. Stick that in your pipe and smoke it Slow Joe Biden!

Heeeeeere fishy fishy

Julius out in Hilton Head today trying to catch dinner.  He had chicken and potatoes for dinner if that is any indication on how the fishing turned out.

Best In Show!

Julius went to the car show today in dad's 1930 Model A, and he won the Best of Show In Class in the Exchange Club of Albany car show!

I-rish I Had A Guinness

Julius was begging for a Guinness (yes, he's over 21), so the Fricks family caved and took him out to Irish Bred Restaurant and Pub in Montgomery.

Nailed it!

I think Julius had too much to drink out with the Fricks family.  He was later spotted in the nail salon?!?

Breaking the law…

Julius took a sip of water.  He wasn't thirsty, he merely did it because the sign said not to. Definitely belongs in our family!

I wanna rock!

Julius spent the day rebuilding the ditch with several tons of locally harvested (that means dug up from the dirt at his house) rocks.  It's a dirty job but someone has to do it!

Leader of the Pack!

Julius went to the Trump parade today in Columbus, GA in the Model A. The event organizers inquired as to the sunflowers on the front and rear of the car, and after hearing Sarah's story (sunflowers are her favorite flower) they appointed Julius and his driving team as the Grand Marshal for the day and also recognized Sarah at the end of day presentation.

Julius Knievel?

Julius rode the motorcycle to work today.


Yes, you read it correctly. Julius has found himself stuck in some sort twilight zone where this town is named after Stewart. This is going to be a long, strange day!

Squirrel House

Julius helped build a squirrel house for grandaddy. It's almost just the right size for Julius to move into.

Grease Monkey

Julius spent the day helping work on the Model A. Wrapped some exhaust pipe, cut and laid some new floorboards, and did a little engine tuning.

Up, up and away…

Today Julius and his friend went on their first flight in a Cessna 172.  Just a few laps around the Auburn airport for some practice and no one got air sick!

Julius lending a helping hand…

Julius came along to help work on Uncle Jack's storage shed. Yes, he has on a pair of swin trunks. He just got back from the beach.  Can't you tell by the tan?

Julius and Great Uncle Jack

Julius and Uncle Jack posing with the nearly finished storage shed.  It was a long day of hard work.

Cause every girl’s crazy ’bout a sharp-dressed man

Julius overheard that Sarah was getting ready for the prom, and he didn't hesitate to run out and get fitted for is tuxedo!

Julius the worksite foreman

Sarah was not aware, but Julius was supervising her staining and sealing the kitchen beams in dad's house and gave dad a full report on her progress throughout the day.
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