You first might ask yourself. “who is Julius and why is he here?” Julius is a close friend that came to live with our family in the Spring of 2012. Two of Sarah’s brothers picked up Julius as an orphan living in an Atlanta McDonald’s, but a little known fact is his name was not originally Julius. Sarah’s brothers, not being too much into girl’s fashion, initially named him and sent the family a picture of their newly named brother.  Sarah quickly quipped back clarifying that “his name is Julius!” Well, after an internet search Sarah was proven correct (as usual) and Julius it was!

Over the next several weeks, that turned into months, that turned into years, the siblings would taunt one another with Julius, take unknowing candid pictures with Julius somewhere hiding in plain sight, took him on flying adventures, scuba diving in the Gulf, to work in various states across the country, among many other obscure and sometimes semi-nefarious trips.

After we lost our beloved Sarah in 2020, one of the things we revisited as a faimly was Sarah’s mischevious humor and our fun times leveraging Julius in jokes and pranks against one another and the many adventures Julius went on.  We have reclaimed a few of the original pictures of Julius and his early life with us that we share here.  In memory of Sarah and keeping the tradition alive, our family and close friends see to it that Julius continues his adventures.

So now you know who Julius is and why he is here…but where he is going to show up next is anyone’s guess!

These adventures are for you, Sarah!

Is Julius Scuba Certified?

I don't think he is certified, but to day Julius went on an introductory dive. Yes, the water was a bit chilly today (in September) but it was a quick dive.
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